World of Warcraft

Wrath of Lichking ~the 3rd episode of World of Warcraft

I love plying video game, and I think playing video game is a part of my life.

World of Warcraft is the best game in my life because my life was largely changed by it. (My english name Illidan is from one the character of it.) Great and beautiful saga by well-made world concept always stimulates game player to become a stranger in Azeroth.

It gave me huge inspiration while I participated several online game projects as a game designer. I’ve not played it anymore, but a piece of news about Wow still makes me exciting and gives a bunch of ideas.


American Mcgee’s Alice

American Mcgee’s Alice Game Cover from Wikipedia

American Mcgee’s Alice is a shocking and awesome game which I played in my life because it nicely re-interpreted the classic novel ‘Alice in woderland’. It have seriously twisted story and convoluted game design. Everything which is involved in original Alice is expressed in completely different way in this game. Thus, I express my respect to geniuses who developed this wonderful game.


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