Illustration Art

It is a big and professional project in INM201 course. Working process is similar to other tracing project, just choose one fine drawing, tracing and painting. However, I’m a person who are ready to be a professional. For this reason, before I started work, I must get a permission from an original artist for this work.

Most of all, I searchedprocess_01 several artist on DeviantArt and found two fancy artists who are Max-Dunbar and thekidKaos. Both two artists have totally different drawing style, however, I chose the max -Dunbar’s work because his dynamic pen touch looked very interesting. In tons of his work, my choice was it ‘Carmen Sandiego.’ because, I didn’t want to spend my time with super heroes and fantasy heroes. (I’ve already spent many time with those guys on the movie and video games.)

Next, to start this project, I had to size up the resolution of original image for inking so I made the image 300 dpi.

Now, it is the time for the art! The first process was inking, and it was very tough because his pentouch was too dynamic so it was very hard to define the main out-line. First time, I only used mouse for this process because using tablet was not so fit with me. I couldn’t draw any correct line using the stylus pen, but I tried to be intimate with the pen, and I realized that the stylus pen is more better than mouse. (Of course, both methods have advatages and disadvantages) Anyway, I tried to reproduce the dynamic touch in Max’s work, and finally tough inking work was ended!

CharacterIllustration_inkingWithReference  CharacterIllustration_inking
(Inking with the references image / Inking without the references image)

When use tablet, there are many strokes in a layer. So, I used to organize a lot of strokes using Object – path – outline stroke.

The second step is coloring, and it is divided several processes. The first process is base coloring. It is very easy, just make a shape and then fill it. Second process is set up basic shadow. It is a bit complex because it need to calculate where the light is from. If there is less consideration about the light, Final output might looks strange.

CharacterIllustration_BaseColoring CharacterIllustration_ShadowColoring CharacterIllustration_BaseAndShadowColoring
(Base coloring / Base shadow coloring / base color and shadow)

CharacterIllustration_gradationNext coloring step is gradient coloring on the character. Generally, it looks natural if the illustration have abundant gradient.

However, my coloring concept for the character was animation coloring which is obviously divided into shadow and base color.(Personally, I prefer it, and there was no physical time for this project.)

So, I applied a minimum gradation on it.

(Color Gradient)

Last coloring step is ambient coloring. The image of this picture which I interpret is the escaping woman into the sunset. So, I made a sunset using color gradient and applied it on whole canvas.

Finally, my work is done!

CharacterIllustration_Ambient CharacterIllustration_Final
(Ambient coloring / Final output)


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