Playing Video

Screen shots
Raid instance dungeon design (for 24 players)

Raid boss monster design (for 6~12 players)


Raid boss monster design (for over 24 players)

aion_2 aion_3
Instance dungeon design (for single player)

Genre: Massively Multiplayer Online RPG
Worked at NC Soft (July, 2009 ~ July, 2012)
as a Game System Designer

In the ‘Aion’ project, I focused on to design a lot of monsters AI pattern and PVE battle in game. It was so fun work because PVE battle is a main contents in this kind of game.

I did These works for ‘Aion’…
▶ PVE battle design (battle scenario/flow in filelds/dungeons/boss raids)
▶ Adjusted PVE battle balancing
▶ various monsters and npc AI pattern design
▶ Set up the concept of various npcs and monsters
▶ Field level design using Sand box tools (CryEngine)

‘Aion’ is one of the best MMORPG in Korea and worldwide. I’m very proud of myself I worked for this project .


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