Even online

Playing Video

Screen shots
evan_1 evan_4evan_5
Fighter used various martial arts skills.

evan_2 evan_3   evan_6
Sword master used various weapon(sword) skills.

The battle with huge boss 

Evan Online
Genre: Multiplayer Online Action Game
Worked at E-Game Square (Oct, 2007 ~ June, 2008)
as a Lead Game Designer

The game style of ‘Evan Online’ is similar to ‘Dynasty Warriors(KOEI).’

However, Evan Online was designed for online environment, so it supports co-op play between maximum 4 players. Players control their own characters to fight against monster squad in this game. Player characters divided various class, and each class have different concepts, attributes and skills for the battle.

I led and managed game design team as a lead game designer.
▶ Basic game system design (game rules/game flow)
▶ PVE battle system design/moster AI pattern design
▶ Player and monster skills design
▶ Environmental system design (Wall bouncing, breakable object)
▶ Level design (Town, stages…)
▶ Set up the player chracter concept and historical background
▶ Managed team member and game development schedule


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