Tracing sport logo using Illustrator (INM150)


It was more interesting work than previous project. I chose the Jaguars team logo because it looked clean, and color matching was also fancy. However, when I analyzed this logo before start work, I realized that every color piece must have color gradations. Anyway, it was a new challenge to use many functions in the illustrator, so I start the work.

For this reason, I planned several process for this work that outlining with black color, base coloring and detailed coloring with shadow effect and color gradation effect.

1) Outlining with black color

process_02 process_03

The first process was so simple, just drew outlines and some black parts. However, the outlining must be accurate.

2) Base coloring 

process_04 process_05

The second process was a bit complex because I had to distinguished the border of between each color shape. First, I painted the texts and panel. The texts looks 3-dimensional effect because of the color, and they involves varied gradations for the effect. Therefore, the work to distinguish each shape exacted very careful attention. (First time, I didn’t divided so exact, so I needed extra work when I painted the gradations..)


Anyway, base coloring was done! 🙂

3) detailed coloring with shadow effect and color gradation effect.

process_gra_01 process_gra_02

Painting gradation work made me exhausted but was fun. Gradation effects made my work splendid that I expected. Unfortunately, I made some mistakes when I painted the texts that I didn’t delicately divide the border of each color shape, so I re-divided and painted all color shapes for the text parts. 😦

Painting shadow was simple, I just created several black shapes and gave proper opacity(less than 70%) to them.



Finally, I painted all color shapes with gradation effect.


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