Screen shots
poporu_11 poporu_12

Genre: Online-arcade game
Worked at MEGA Entertainment (OCt, 2004 ~ Feb, 2006)
as a Senior Game Designer and a UI/UX Designer

The concept of ‘The Poporu’ was from an arcade center. Basically, Poporu was developed using an arcade game emulator(Mame) and was working on the online environment. We created an online arcade center and add various systems such as a chatting / game mode and matching / character card / online coin (to play game like arcade center) / level up systems and original GUI.

Screen shots
poporu_07 poporu_10 poporu_08
Various GUI for game channel select, game lobby and game room.

Character card system shows each user’s profile through a digital trading card in the Poporu. Each card has different design because it is planned to collect and trade.

Various GUI for vs game result screen.

poporu_01 poporu_09
Various GUI for massive tournament and result screen.

In that time, I was interested in designing in-game Graphical User Interface(GUI), so I tried to design the concept and system for the all in-game GUI.
▶ Various game mode Design (single game/vs game/massive tournament)
▶ Ingame UI/UX Design (UI/UX concept and functional systems)
▶ player matching system design
▶ Ingame communication system design
▶ Character card system design


All games and characters in Poporu was licensed from SNK.



      • Yeah I love it. I recently played the iPad port (it’s in the apple store) and it was pretty good, though the controls were a bit hard to use. Ukyo is my favorite character. And by the way I speak Japanese (:

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      • Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply you were Japanese, I saw from your name you weren’t. I just meant that because of the connection to Japanese games like Samurai Showdown. I ended up learning Japanese because of my interest in Japanese games and anime. Thats awesome you can speak Japanese, maybe you are more fluent than me (:


      • That’s ok. I’m also interested in Japanese culture such as games and anime. 🙂 My Japanese skill is just intermedium level. Don’t too much expect about my Japanese~~!
        Btw, what do you do? When I saw your blog, it has many contents about a mobile game development.

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      • I have too many hobbies to count (: Besides Japanese, lately I have been into game development. If you have an iPad or iPhone you can check out my latest game.

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