Advertisement Campain (Bell) (INM150)

An advertisement for Bell & iPhone 6. Printed banner and web banners.

The first project of INM150 was creating the advertisement for Bell & iPhone 6. (Of course, it is not real. It is just school assignment.)

Anyway, it was not so easy because there was a color limitation that allowed colors for this project were just Black, white, gray and the specific Blue(which is using official bell ads).

Typical bell advertisements design were so simple, so designed mine using 1 straight curved line with different angles.
And, I focused on the flow of eye on the ads.

Finally, I created one print ads and several banners. The main copy for this ads is ‘no limitation connection.’


My print ads has so simple design, so it looks a bit bored. Actually, the first design was so terrible, so the design professor fixed my design; however, fixed design was also messy, so I re-designed it.


The online banners are good. Organizing each elements using different angles makes the works interesting. I satisfied about all four banners. 🙂


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