Web Design Visual Prototype (INM101)

An advertisement for Bell & iPhone 6. Printed banner and web banners.


When I got this assignment, I decided to design for play station. I considered about layout and divided body by 3 sub-section. I focused on how to deliver the information for potential customer because this mockup is for product advertisement.

It is just first layout without any decoration.


I developed my design. I organized left section and right upper section.

I choose blue tone as a main color of this mockup because my color image about the PS4 is well matched with blue even the PS4 has a black. I decided how to fill the contents for 3 sections in body, and  set up the layout for them. Of course, I still have to organize and decorate my design.


I changed background color to gray tone and used vivid colour to the minimum for emphasizing some of elements in this mockup. The reason why I changed background to gray is that the elements in the gray background are easily emphasized. Now, I’m considering about to decorate background using the shadow of the game-pad buttons as a pattern.

Moreover, it still needs more organizing to footer parts. I don’t know whether I add more contents for footer or not.

ps4_mockup_final     ps4_mockup_nogradation

Finally, I finished the first mockup for PS4 public website. In this work, I adjusted layout to keep the balance, and organized the footer. In term of design, the gradation was a bit annoying, so I created another version without gradation. Left is included  gradations, right is no gradation. However, I can’t judge which one is good or both bad.



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