Typographic Hierarchy (INM100)

Quoted sentence: Common sense is not so common. – Volteir
Using tools: Adobe Illustrator

This project is designing 3 different styles with one sentence. When I found this quotation, I was convinced that I can play fun with this sentence. So, my work was started.

proj3_1 proj3_2 proj3_3

I focused on the 3 words “not”, “so” “(behind) common” because significant meaning of this sentence is involved in these 3 words.

Personally, I like the third one because putting a sentence into a box is one of my favorite style that when I work with a text. 🙂
Actually, I designed it twice because I used various color whens I designed it first time.


But, I realized that I can only use black and white, so I redesigned it. Anyway, work with text is so fun. 🙂

proj3_fix_1 proj3_fix_2proj3_fix_3

Sensitive her gave me the ‘extra chance’ to fix it. Actually, there was some of my mistakes and misunderstanding about this project. I used various font family and layout for this project and finally finished it. One regret is that my quotation was too short, so I struggled to create the variations of layout.


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