Screen shots
audition_2 audition_1

The Audition
Genre: Casual game / Dancing battle
Worked at T3 Entertainment (Mar, 2004 ~ Sep, 2004)
as a Game Designer

The Audition is an on-line Rhythm Dancing Game. The concept of this game was from ‘Bust a Move(or a.k.a Bust a Groove by ENIX).’ Every player competes to other player using their own dance skills at a dance floor. I participated the first version of it.

▶ Basic game system design (Game rules/Game modes)
▶ Core game system design (Judge/Score/Chain dance and combo system)

I could not enough work for this project because the time I stayed in this company was too short.


Bust a move 2 was one of my favorite video game. The Audition was influenced from this game.

I also particiated The Survival School project. It was an on-line Casual Game package which involves various mini games.

▶ Adjust game balancing
▶ Various mini games design


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